Game Forger


April 2015

Live Project

Express your creativity. Make anything you want. Game Forger allows you to easily create games and interactive applications right on your iOS device, without needing to know how to program.

  • Create objects and set them to do exactly what you want
  • Create labels to display anything you want
  • Email games to people

Do you HATE freemium apps? We do too, with a passion. Game Forger will never try to sell you anything. Period. When you download Game Forger, you're downloading an app that will be a servant to YOU, not anyone else.

Game Forger is ever changing. It will always continue to get better and will receive many updates. During the beta testing, we received a lot of ideas and fixed a lot of bugs. Although we haven't built all of the ideas in yet, we certainly intend to do so.

Check out the wiki: reddit.com/r/gameforger/wiki/